2013 (2)
More on Mario Puzo (4/24/13)
On Philip K. Dick's Time Out of Joint (2/12/13)

More on Mario Puzo (4/24/13)

2012 (11)
Holden On... (12/19/12)
Gargantua's Games (12/5/12)
Playing Poker With Truman and Churchill (9/17/12)
More on Moneyball (8/31/12)
More Than Meets the Eye: Moneyball and Poker (8/24/12)
The Ledger (4/9/12)
To Sum Up (2/24/12)
Crossing "the Border-Line of Dishonor" (2/21/12)
On Endings, Wished For and Otherwise (2/2/12)
A. Alvarez and America (1/11/12)
The Hunger Games and Poker Tournaments (1/9/12)

Crossing 'the Border-Line of Dishonor' (2/21/12)

2011 (23)
Light Reading (12/27/11)
Ed Miller's How to Read Hands at No-Limit Hold'em (12/20/11)
Being Human (11/30/11)
Barry Tanenbaum (1945-2011) (11/23/11)
The Perils of Learning as You Go (10/5/11)
On Reviewing Poker Books (9/9/11)
According to Whom? Edmond Hoyle and the Poker Hall of Fame (9/7/11)
The Limpede (8/16/11)
On the WSOP Vibe (7/28/11)
Electronic or Print? Same Difference, Either Way (5/26/11)
Booked Up (5/19/11)
True Story (4/1/11)
Rereading The Biggest Game in Town: America, Where Gambling is a Form of Patriotism (6 of 6) (3/9/11)
Rereading The Biggest Game in Town: Reality and Romance (5 of 6) (3/8/11)
Rereading The Biggest Game in Town: Playing Jimmy Chagra (4 of 6) (3/7/11)
Rereading The Biggest Game in Town: Losing (3 of 6) (3/4/11)
Rereading The Biggest Game in Town: Poker's Challenge to "Reality" (2 of 6) (3/3/11)
Rereading The Biggest Game in Town: Prelude (1 of 6) (3/2/11)
David Hayano's Poker Faces (2/21/11)
Breakfast and Poker (2/16/11)
The Poker Boom of 1957? (2/14/11)
In Favor of Small Stakes (2/11/11)
Placing Poker in American History (2/7/11)

David Hayano's 'Poker Faces' (2/21/11)

2010 (9)
Poker Book Review: Rick Bennet's King of a Small World (12/22/10)
Poker Book Review: Fast Company by Jon Bradshaw (11/2/10)
Tournaments Are Like Short Stories, Cash Games Like Novels (10/6/10)
Anybody Here Ever Read...? (9/22/10)
Have Books Lost Their Hook? (9/16/10)
Summer Reading (7/30/10)
Picking Out a Bluff (4/15/10)
Webster's Poker Book (1925) (3/24/10)
Salinger's Game of Solitaire (1/29/10)

2009 (12)
Doyle Brunson's Confessions (12/4/09)
Poker Book Review: Victoria Coren's For Richer, For Poorer: A Love Affair With Poker (12/1/09)
Reading & Writing (11/12/09)
A Good Read: McManus Tells the Story of Poker (10/22/09)
On Poker Books (8/10/09)
Seeking a Signal Amid the Noise (7/31/09)
Play Poker, Quit Work and Sleep Till Noon! by John Fox (7/24/09)
Check-Raising the Devil by Mike Matusow, with Amy Calistri and Tim Lavalli (5/13/09)
Poker Book Review: Tri Nguyen's The Pot Limit Omaha Book: Transitioning from NLHE to PLO (4/8/09)
The Seven (and Eight) Percent Solution (3/24/09)
What We Talk About When We Talk About Poker (2/11/09)
Keeping Score (1/8/09)

2008 (19)
Down from the Shelf: Poker Books from 2008 (12/30/08)
Tommy Angelo's Elements of Poker (12/26/08)
This Book Might Be Out of Your Range (12/13/08)
Ian Taylor and Matthew Hilger's The Poker Mindset (12/5/08)
Do Not Ask For Whom the Tells Show (11/4/08)
Joseph Walsh's Gambler on the Loose (10/22/08)
John Vorhaus' Under the Gun (9/4/08)
Thriving vs. Surviving: John Phan & David Sklansky at the 2008 WSOP, Event No. 40 Final Table (8/19/08)
Weapons of Choice (8/5/08)
Sartre's Gambler (3 of 3) (5/20/08)
Sartre's Gambler (2 of 3) (5/20/08)
Sartre's Gambler (1 of 3) (5/20/08)
Hammett's Op & the Perils of Stirring Things Up (5/8/08)
Tolstoy's Ivan Ilyich and the Meaning of Card Playing (4/16/08)
"M" (3/25/08)
Robbe-Grillet est mort (2/19/08)
Raymond Chandler & Poker (2/14/08)
Maverick's Guide to Poker; or, on the Omaha Trail (1/30/08)
John D. MacDonald's The Deep Blue Good-By (1/9/08)

2007 (16)
Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo's The Laughing Policeman (12/2/07)
The Grifters (9/30/07)
The Literature of Poker (9/15/07)
Anthony Holden's Bigger Deal (9/9/07)
Women's Poker Night (ed. Maryann Morrison) (9/3/07)
Forcing One's Hand: Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment (8/30/07)
Stephan M. Kalhamer and Chad Brown's Act to Win in Texas Hold'em Poker (8/18/07)
Nolan Dalla and Peter Alson's One of a Kind: The Rise and Fall of Stuey "The Kid" Ungar (8/9/07)
David Spanier's Total Poker (6/21/07)
Das Ist Poker (5/17/07)
Herbert O. Yardley's The Education of a Poker Player (4/5/07)
Not That Johnny Moss (3/19/07)
The Biggest Game in Town: The Players (3/3/07)
Bookworm (1/16/07)
The Last Hand of The Cincinnati Kid: Differences Between the Novel and Film (1/11/07)
Richard Jessup's The Cincinnati Kid (1/7/07)

2006 (13)
Welcome to Omaha (10/17/06)
Money Is Nothing, Money Is Everything (9/26/06)
The Getaway (9/3/06)
The Burnt Orange Heresy, or a Lesson in How to Bluff (8/22/06)
Raising Hellmuth (7/27/06)
Spillane Punches Out (7/19/06)
Raymond Chandler Said a Lot of Things (7/9/06)
Dostoevsky is Not Considered Summer Reading (Pt. IV) (6/15/06)
Dostoevsky is Not Considered Summer Reading (Pt. III) (6/14/06)
Dostoevsky is Not Considered Summer Reading (Pt. II) (6/13/06)
Dostoevsky is Not Considered Summer Reading (Pt. I) (6/11/06)
Flights of Fancy (5/28/06)
Killer Poker, or Knowing What Counts (5/26/06)

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