Anthony Holden's Bigger Deal (9/9/07)

     Reviewing the sequel to a poker classic

Bookworm (1/16/06)

     The Hard-Boiled Poker Library and Media Center

     undergoes expansion

Das Ist Poker (5/17/07)

     Trash-talk, international style

David Spanier's Total Poker (6/21/07)

     You owe it to yourself to read this terrific "anatomy" of poker

Do Not Ask for Whom the Tells Show (11/4/08)

     On the discussion of tells in Harrington and Robertie's Harrington on Cash Games

Dostoevsky Is Not Considered Summer Reading (Pt. I) (6/11/06), (Pt. II) (6/13/06), (Pt. III) (6/14/06) & (Pt. IV) (6/15/06)

     Considering how The Gambler might interest to poker players

Flights of Fancy (5/28/06)

     Hawaii, the WSOP, and James McManus's Positively Fifth Street

Forcing One's Hand:  Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment (8/30/07)

     Demonstrating how we sometimes believe we have no other choice

Hammett's Op & the Perils of Stirring Things Up (5/8/08)

     A hand of PLO & "The House on Turk Street"

Herbert O. Yardley's The Education of a Poker Player (4/5/07)

     Recognizing the 50th anniversary of a poker classic

John D. MacDonald's The Deep Blue Good-By (1/9/08)

     A hard-boiled thriller with a poker connection

John Vorhaus' Under the Gun (9/4/08)

     A poker-themed novel from the Killer strategy books author

Joseph Walsh's Gambler on the Loose (10/22/08)

     The scriptwriter of California Split pens a memoir (of sorts)

Killer Poker, or Knowing What Counts (5/26/06)

     Introducing Nick Corey, the sneaky-smart sheriff of Potts County in Jim

     Thompson's Pop. 1280

"M" (3/25/08)

     Could Harrington's new cash game books share anything nearly as influential?

Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö's The Laughing Policeman (12/2/07)

     Revisiting a terrific hard-boiled novel by the Swedish couple

Maverick's Guide to Poker; or, on the Omaha Trail (1/30/08)

     On a somewhat obscure poker book & the origins of Omaha

Money is Nothing, Money is Everything (9/26/06)

     Charles Willeford's Pick-Up and what it takes to stop worrying about $$$

Nolan Dalla and Peter Alson's One of a Kind: The Rise and Fall of Stuey "The Kid" Ungar (8/9/07)

     A well-presented account of the life and death of a poker legend

Not That Johnny Moss (3/19/07)

     Shamus gets duped at the bookstore by a fifty-plus year old scam

Raising Hellmuth (7/27/06)

     Shamus confesses to having read (and even gotten something from) the Brat's

     much-maligned book

Raymond Chandler & Poker (2/14/08)

     Some poker references from the great hard-boiled writer

Raymond Chandler Said a Lot of Things . . . (7/9/06)

     But he never said poker was a waste of time

Richard Jessup's The Cincinnati Kid (1/7/07)

     Reviewing the 1964 novel

Robbe-Grillet est mort (2/19/08)

     The French "anti-novelist" often wrote about puzzles and games

Sartre's Gambler (1) (5/20/08), (2) (5/20/08), & (3) (5/20/08)

     Examining a famous passage from Being and Nothingness

Spillane Punches Out (7/19/06)

     Remembering the creator of Mike Hammer

Stephan M. Kalhamer and Chad Brown's Act to Win in Texas Hold 'em Poker (8/18/07)

     A big disappointment from the Bluff Magazine 2006 POY

The Biggest Game in Town: The Players (3/3/07)

     A rundown of pros who appear in Al Alvarez's classic

The Burnt Orange Heresy, or a Lesson in How to Bluff (8/22/06)

     The protagonist of Charles Willeford's wild novel runs a bluff as far as he can
The Getaway (9/3/06)

     As Jim Thompson's novel shows, getting away is sometimes easier said than done

The Grifters (9/30/07)

     Those living by the grift should expect a baseball bat to the stomach now and then

The Last Hand of The Cincinnati Kid: Differences Between the Novel and Film (1/11/06)

     A couple of small changes make a big difference

The Literature of Poker (9/15/07)

     Shamus recommends a cool site for poker book reviews (and other goodies)

Thriving vs. Surviving:  John Phan & David Sklansky at the 2008 WSOP, Event No. 40 Final Table (8/19/08)

     A look at two very different players, aided by Arnold Snyder's Poker

     Tournament Formula 2

Tolstoy's Ivan Ilyich and the Meaning of Card Playing (4/16/08)

     Looking at a few passages about cards in the short Russian novel

Weapons of Choice (8/5/08)

     On an interesting concept from Arnold Snyder's The Poker Tournament

     Formula (2006)

Welcome to Omaha (10/17/06)

     The highs and lows of Bill Boston's Omaha High-Low

Women's Poker Night (ed. Maryann Morrison) (9/3/07)

     A compelling collection of essays by women poker players & writers


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