2007 WSOP, Day 1:

Peek-a-Boo (6/1/07)

    Not everyone is happy

    with them fancy new


2007 WSOP, Day 2: Good Morning, Good Morning (6/2/07)

    Considering the appeal of mixed games

2007 WSOP, Day 3: We've Got a Long Way to Go, and a Short Time to Get There . . . (6/3/07)

    According to WSOP Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack, the calvary is a-comin' . . .

2007 WSOP, Day 4: Extreme Multitabling (6/4/07)

    Lots happenin' -- all at the same time -- down at the Rio

2007 WSOP, Day 5: Go Donkey Bomber! (6/5/07)

    Watching Tom Schneider go for his first WSOP bracelet

2007 WSOP, Day 6: Oops! I Won a Bracelet (6/6/07)

    "I will not be playing any stud events [or] stud high-low"

2007 WSOP, Day 8: Running the Numbers, Numbering the Runners (6/8/07)

    Comparing the numbers of entrants this year with past series

2007 WSOP, Day 12: Undercover Posting (6/12/07)

    Shamus with a surreptitiously-submitted recap

2007 WSOP, Day 13: Final Table Fun (6/13/07)

    Stars at final tables and the WSOP POY award

2007 WSOP, Day 16: While You Were Sleeping (6/16/07)

    Pros H.O.R.S.E.-in' around, a fan's wish fulfilled, and Chan's PLO trainwreck

2007 WSOP, Day 25: The $50K H.O.R.S.E. Event -- More Bracelets Than Entrants (6/25/07)

    Some serious bling-bling at the tables for Event No. 39

2007 WSOP, Day 27: Welcome Back, Kaplan (6/27/07)

    Mr. Kotter survives to Day 4 of the $50K H.O.R.S.E. event

2007 WSOP, Day 29: H.O.R.S.E. Champ Brings Smiles All Around (6/29/07)

    You can't say the name of the winner of Event No. 39 without smiling

2007 WSOP, Day 30: Riding the Happy Train to the Final Table (6/30/07)

    The Donkey Bomber makes his third 2007 WSOP final table

2007 WSOP, Day 31: Twice Is Nice (7/1/07)

    Tom Schneider is the first to win two bracelets at this year's WSOP

2007 WSOP, Day 33: A Pot Limit Omaha Puzzler (7/3/07)

    Phil Laak faced a difficult decision early in Event No. 50

2007 WSOP, Day 36:  Part One -- Holy Schnike! Tommy Boy WSOP POY! (7/6/07)

    We're all proud of you, Tommy Boy

2007 WSOP, Day 36: Part Two -- Forecasting a Frantic Finale (7/6/07)

    Something interesting happens at Level 27 of this year's Main Event

2007 WSOP, Day 38: When the Chips Are Down (7/8/07)

    Chips are flying back and forth during Day One of the 2007 WSOP Main Event

2007 WSOP, Day 41: Radio Free Schneider (& Other Sundries) (7/11/07)

    Catching up on various items from the 2007 WSOP Main Event

2007 WSOP, Day 43: Chips Ahoy! (7/13/07)

    Chip stacks getting huge as they head into Day 4 of the Main Event

2007 WSOP, Day 44: Repeat Success Stories & Lotsa Big Stacks (7/14/07)

    112 players left . . . how many of those cashed last year?

2007 WSOP, Day 45: Fasten Your Seatbelts . . . (7/15/07)

    Watch out for them blinds and antes!

2007 WSOP, Day 46: Gonna Be All Over, Baby (7/16/07)

    The end is nigh

2007 WSOP, Day 47: Part One -- Looking Back at the 2006 WSOP ME Final Table (7/17/07)

    Reliving some key hands from the 2006 ME final table

2007 WSOP, Day 47: Part Two -- Looking Ahead to the 2007 WSOP ME Final Table (7/17/07)

    A couple of speculations about the 2007 ME final table

2007 WSOP Final Table Hand No. 9: "You Certainly Started Out Gambling" (9/7/07)

    Yang had 'em second-guessing everything during those first few orbits

2007 WSOP Final Table Hand No. 24: "The Action Man" (9/13/07)

    A curious dynamic developing

2007 WSOP Final Table Hand No. 40: "Can We See?" (10/2/07)

    Like everyone else, Jon Kalmar is curious to know what Jerry Yang has

2007 WSOP Final Table Hand No. 92: On the Lam (10/4/07)

    Tuan Lam folds his way into big money . . . but he has to play sometime

2008 WSOP Main Event Final Table Resumes Tomorrow (11/8/08)

    Does anybody remember where we were?

2008 WSOP ME Final Table Rescheduled to November (5/1/08)

    Huge change announced less than a month before the WSOP begins

2008 WSOP, A Reporter's Notebook (7/18/08)

    Compiling those sixty-plus posts into one

2008 WSOP, Day 1: Dawn (5/30/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 1: "We're In For Six Solid Weeks of Poker" (5/30/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 2: Time Flies (5/31/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 2: Live from the Rio (5/31/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 3: First Final Table Delivers (6/1/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 3: Who Will Wear the First Bracelet? (6/1/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 4: The New & Improved Mixed Hold'em Event (6/2/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 4: Into the Fire (6/3/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 5: Five for Five (6/3/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 5: Storytelling (6/4/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 6: Lights, Camera, Action! (6/4/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 7: Last Night's Final Table (6/5/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 7: And He Rested On the Seventh Day (6/5/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 7: Mixed Event Look-In (6/6/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 8: Shootout! (6/6/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 8: Keep Up the Pace (6/7/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 9: Running Well (6/8/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 10: Final Table Fun (6/8/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 10: Let's Make a Deal (6/9/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 11: Escape! (6/9/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 12: Omadraw! (6/10/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 12: Buffets, Bustouts, and Bullsh*t (6/11/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 13: Birthday (6/11/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 13: A Big Hand for the Little Lady (6/12/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 14: Reporting from the Eye of the Hurricane (6/13/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 14: Postscript (6/13/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 15: R & R (6/13/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 16: Year of the Pro? (6/14/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 16: Rebuy! (6/15/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 17: Laughs & Lightning Bolts (6/16/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 17: Brasilia (6/16/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 18: Bluffs & Boasts (6/17/08); 2008 WSOP, Days 19-20: Catching Kings, Z's, then a Break (6/18/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 21: No Expectations (6/19/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 21: Tigers & Grizzlies (6/20/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 22: Be the Ball (6/21/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 23: Sweat (6/21/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 24: Lowball (6/22/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 25: More Clichés Than You Can Shake a Stick At (6/23/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 26: Cowboy Hats, Cigarrs, and Draw Poker (6/24/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 27: Cheers (6/25/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 28: Horsin' Around (6/26/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 29: Love (6/27/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 30: Long Night's Journey Into Day (6/28/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 31: Kafkaesque, It Was (6/29/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 31: Tell Everyone You Know and Duplicate (6/30/08); 2008 WSOP, Days 32-33: The Beginning of the End (7/1/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 34: Three Tales (7/2/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 34: The Last Final Table (7/3/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 35: The Big One (7/4/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 36: Starting Again (7/5/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 37: Pop Stars, Sexual Puns, and Magic Swords (7/6/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 38: Living the Dream (7/7/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 39: Taking Shots (7/8/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 40: "Seat Open!" (7/9/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 41: Chuck Norris Doesn't Dodge Bullets; Bullets Dodge Chuck Norris (7/10/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 42: Bubble Go Pop (7/11/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 43: Whirlwind (7/12/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 44: IGHN (7/13/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 45: From the Bleachers (7/14/08); 2008 WSOP, Day 46: Whoopee (7/15/08)    

    Daily reports from the 2008 World Series of Poker

A H.O.R.S.E. With No Name (12/28/07)

    What to call that "World Championship Mixed Event" next summer?

A Lack of H.O.R.S.E. Sense (7/2/06)

    Considering the WSOP's decision to switch to NLH for the final table of

    the H.O.R.S.E. event

A Non-Hold 'em TV Sighting (1/8/08)

     Enjoying some PLO on ESPN, despite the commentary

Assessing the Gold Standard (8/11/06)

     Must the WSOP Main Event winner serve as an "ambassador" for the game?

Big Hands (the 2008 WSOP Main Event final table) (11/9/08)

     Listening (because we cannot watch) the coverage, remarking on some wild hands

Comparing 2008 NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship Participants (1/23/08)

     A look at how the 60 who have been chosen have fared in tourneys past

Counting 'em Down . . . (8/4/06)

     Consolidated chip counts heading into Day 3 of the 2006 Main Event

Crawling Toward the WSOP (5/26/07)

     The start of the 2007 series is less than a week away

Deal and Shuffle Up (9/17/08)

     A funny incident during a WCOOP final table chop discussion

Double Nickels on the Dime (4/10/08)

     Looking over the 55 events scheduled for this summer's WSOP

ESPN's 2008 WSOP Schedule -- The Main Event (Mainly) (5/7/08)

     The Main Event taking up more and more of the planned hours

Fail Better (10/27/08)

     Another WPT near-miss for Joe Sebok invites a reflection on

     what constitutes "success" and "failure" in poker

Final Tables: Not for the Faint of Heart (8/9/06)

     Observations on the eve of the 2006 Main Event final table

Focus on Ethics (3/1/07)

     At what point does a faux pas rise to the level of "ethical violation"?

Fossilman Sighting (4/26/08)

     The WSOP Main Event champ takes a seat at a 1/2 H.O.R.S.E. table

Gold Looking Golden, For Now (8/8/06)

     What happened in 2005 when there were just 27 remaining?
Hilarious Haralabos (5/31/06)

     Voulgaris Haralabos & the funniest episode of CardPlayer's The Circuit ever

How Many Will Enter the 2008 WSOP Main Event? (5/21/08)

     The guessing game begins

Jerry Yang Makes Good (7/18/07)

     First impressions of the 2007 WSOP Main Event champion

"If it's buzz they were looking for, mission accomplished" (5/2/08)

     Some of the more interesting comments on the forums about the 2008 WSOP ME

     FT move

In the Money (8/5/06)

     The 2006 WSOP Main Event paid a whopping 873 entrants

"It's no fun when Scotty got the gun" (8/22/08)

     Pros behaving badly:  Scotty Nguyen's $50K H.O.R.S.E. performance

Ivey's to Lose? (2/28/08)

     After seven WPT final tables and no wins, will this finally be Ivey's night?
Kenna James is a Very Funny Fellow Right! (6/18/06)

     Advice from Cowboy Kenna James, one of the game's cooler cats

Learn, Cheat, and Play Poker with the Pros (5/24/07)

     Why would Clonie Gowen admit on national television to having once cheated?

Nine Players in Search of a Final Table (5/1/08)

     Moving the WSOP ME FT to November creates some existentialist (or absurdist)


November Nine About to Take Their Seats (11/9/08)

     Even the players sound confused about seating assignments

No Worries (11/17/08)

     Scott Montgomery takes the one-outer in stride

On Covering the WSOP (6/19/08)

     Three weeks into my first WSOP, a pause to reflect on the so-called "poker media"

One (More) Time: Reliving My Last Day Reporting on the 2008 WSOP (10/15/08)

     Watching ESPN's coverage of Day 5 of the 2008 WSOP Main Event

Pay to Play (1/2/08)

     What does poker mean without money?

Poker Stars' WCOOP Kicks Off Today (9/5/08)

     And I'll be live blogging the sucker throughout

Speaking of . . . Online vs. Live (3/17/07)

     What some pros are saying about the differences

Spoilers! (the 2008 WSOP Main Event final table) (11/10/08)

     Unlike some, I ain't waiting to see it on ESPN

The Finale, Finally (the 2008 WSOP Main Event final table) (11/12/08)

     ESPN's final table show contains some thrills, some disappointments

The Hard-Boiled Poker Interview: Dennis Phillips (10/29/08)

     Less than two weeks from the final table restart, the WSOP ME chip leader

     takes time out for a chat

The Razz Singer (4/30/08)

     A paid online pro feels he's having to play at a disadvantage

The Search for Unambiguous Proof of Poker Prowess (3/3/08)

     So does "Jesus" have something on the rest of us or what?

The Secret Struggle of the Starmaker (on Marketing the 2008 WSOP Main Event final table) (11/21/08)

     Harrah's Sports and Entertainment Director of Communications Seth Palansky

     expresses disappointment that the players didn't play along

The WSOP Main Event: Birth, Buildup, Boom . . . Bastardized? (5/5/08)

     Viewing the 2008 WSOP ME final table move from the context of history

Was It Good for You? (On the WSOP ME Final Table Delay) (11/11/08)

     An initial response to whether or not the delay achieved stated goals

World Series Interruptus (10/28/08)

     While we wait for the 2008 WSOP ME final table to restart, that other

     World Series also is in pause mode

Worlds Within Worlds (4/24/08)

     On the relative importance of the so-called "poker world"

Worryin' About Hurryin':  The 2008 WSOP Main Event Final Table (8/18/08)

     An early peek at chip stacks and the blinds & antes

WSOP Final Table Hand No. 5:  The Mighty Ducks (8/26/06)

     The short stack lets the chip leader see a flop cheaply and pays the price
WSOP Final Table Hand No. 22:  Just In Case (8/28/06)

     Cunningham manages to avoid being crippled by a cold deck
WSOP Final Table Hand No. 60:  Riding the Rush? (8/30/06)

     Holding ace-nine offsuit, Binger decides to call Wasicka's all-in
WSOP Final Table Hand No. 122:  You Going All the Way? (9/1/06)

     Richard Lee decides to risk it all with wired jacks
WSOP Final Table Hand No. 134:  Friends Don't Let Friends Get Trapped (9/5/06)

     Gold successfully traps Wasicka, but his prey wriggles free on the turn
WSOP Final Table Hand No. 187:  Having the Heart to Go Big-Time (9/7/06)

     Wasicka manages a sick bluff, putting himself in position to be there at the end
WSOP Final Table Hand No. 218:  Honest Abe (9/11/06)

     Gold talks Binger into folding a hand by insisting that he call
WSOP Final Table Hand No. 229:  Split Decision (9/13/06)

     Wasicka decides to fold his straight flush draw and makes it to heads-up

WSOPE Final Table Today: A Demidov Double (10/2/08)

     Ivan Demidov makes second WSOP Main Event final table in same year

WSOPE Will Take Place Before WSOP Is Over (5/23/08)

     Will the "November Nine" all head over to London before playing it out?




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