2007 WSOP, Day 15: First or Forget It (6/15/07)

     Shamus crazily compares his own $5 tourney

     to a WSOP event

300th Post (a.k.a., Hey, Everybody! More Dead Money!) (10/8/07)

     Another milestone, and plans to play in the


Absolute Uncertainty (10/19/06)

     Neteller announces it might pull out as well

A Change of Pace (8/16/06)

     Shamus decides to try a couple of limit SNGs

A Dish Best Served Cold (1/22/08)

     A revenge tale, the mood lightened by some

     funny chat

A Hand Not to Sneeze At (3/23/07)

     An Omaha hand that'll make yr head spin

A Man and His H.O.R.S.E. (2/8/08)

     On the mixed game adventure

A New Sheriff in Town (3/31/08)

     Shamus gets his silver star; celebrates by posting embarrasing pic on blog

A Shamus Plug -- Texas Calculatem Poker Odds Calculator (1/20/08)

     I probably won't use it . . . but a novice player might

A Tale of Satellite Suspense (1 of 2) (8/1/07) & (2 of 2) (8/3/07)

     A tricky decision in a PLO satellite tourney

A Tarantula on a Slice of Angel Food (8/12/06)

     Dealing with players whose analytical abilities appear conspicuously limited

A Thirty-Big-Bet Limit Hold 'em Hand (10/12/07)

     Brewin' up a big ol' family pot

A Token of Persistence (12/9/07)

     If at first you don't succeed, try again and again and again and again

AIPS Event No. 7 -- Pot Limit Omaha High/Low (10/20/06)

     Some good times hangin' with Ante-Up nation

AIPS Event No. 8 -- Limit Hold 'em (10/27/06)

     Two straight cashes for the angry chicken (Shamus's alter-alter-ego)

AIPS Event No. 9 -- H.O.R.S.E. (10/29/06)

     An afternoon of horseplay & changing moods

AIPS II Event No. 1 -- NL Hold 'em (1/29/07)

     Shamus earns his nickname in the opening event of AIPS II

AIPS II Event No. 2 -- Stud (2/16/07)

     Not embarrassing, but no cash

AIPS II Event No. 5 -- Short-handed NL Hold 'em (5/19/07)

     In which Shamus's play -- and Full Tilt's customer support -- both prove to be

     less than "smooth"

AIPS III Event No. 1 -- Limit Hold 'em (1/17/08)

     The Ante Up! Intercontinental Poker Series returns . . . in glorious 3-D!

All That Razz (7/12/06)

     Learning a new game

Amateur (12/21/06)

     How many times can one screw up a hand on a single street?

Ambitions (11/14/08)

     Shamus wins a biggish pot and suddenly harbors fantasies of moving up.

And Bingo Was My Name-O (11/6/08)

     Always fun to get called a new name in the chatbox

An Epic Razz Rand (4/14/08)

     Pots tend to get big with four players capping it time and again

Anybody 'Round Here Play a Game Called No Limit Hold 'em? (5/16/08)

     After a six-month hiatus, I move back over to the NLHE tables

April Is the Coolest Month (4/30/08)

     April 2008 was my third-best month ever playing online (April 2007 was 1st)

Bloggers & Burnt Weeny Sandwiches (10/14/07)

     Chronicling my run in the 2007 World Blogger Championship of Online Poker

Bodoggin' It (12/30/06)

     Is Shamus man enough for the site?  Is anyone?

Bonus Baby (8/13/07)

     Taking advantage of a rare shot at an online poker bonus

Bowling Not As Easy As It Looks (5/27/08)

     Jumping into the Pokerati Bowling Series, summer 2008

Burning It Up (5/28/07)

     Shamus claims his largest online pot ever (vs. a fiery opponent)

Calling All Suckers (7/27/07)

     A new, terrible promotion from Absolute Poker

Canary in the Coalmine? (1/23/06)

     Things are gettin' mighty weird around here . . .

Celebrating Seconds (4/28/08)

     A nice tourney finish (guess where I ended up) & HBP's second birthday

Chance, Though Not the Only Element of the Franklin Circuit Court, Is the Element Which Defines Its Essence (10/17/08)

     On the Kentucky court's poor ruling & my (also poor) efforts in a blogger freeroll

Chasing the Tortoise (6/20/06)

     Who limps with aces in limit?

Cheap Trick Kicks Ass (11/3/07)

     We're all all right!  We're all all right!

Confessions of a Rat (6/16/06)

     Shamus turns stoolie after witnessing couple of goons improperly collaborating

Consolation Prize (2/18/08)

     Donkey at cash table always a nice find after busting from a tourney

Daily Affirmation; or, What Color is the Sky in Your World? (7/31/08)

     A nice winning streak comes to an end; how to interpret?

Dazed and Confused; or, My Introductions to Omaha and Seven-Card Stud (7/14/06)

     Playing for play chips in huge, multi-table tourneys

Decision Time (11/12/06)

     Shamus satellites his way into the land of the big stacks

Downswing (10/28/07)

     In an homage to Amatay, Shamus reports a rough week at the tarbles

Easy Reader (9/11/07)

     Who's the easier read here, Shamus or MrSkeptic?

Facing the Facts (11/28/08)

     Some initial findings after purchasing PokerTracker for Omaha

Finish What You Started (12/14/07)

     Going deep in a PLO tourney . . . all by my lonesome

First Impressions; or, A Tale Told By an Idiot (11/23/06)

     In a mere two hands, the real Shamus is revealed (not)

Flopping Quad Aces Is Usually Fun (4/18/08)

     You win some, you lose some, and you lose your connection some

For Crying Out Loud (6/5/06)

     A particularly painful -- if not particularly novel -- bad beat story

Gambling is Illegal at Bushwood (3/25/07)

     A couple of other ways PLO differs from Hold 'em

Getting Off to a Good Start, Part 2 (or, Who You Jivin' With That Cosmik Debris?) (1/3/07)

     Hard, sometimes, to practice what you preach

Good Reason to Crow (2/11/08)

     Decent run in PLO tourney, but couldn't catch the Rooster

Good Times (and Good Timing) (11/4/07)

     Leaving the table with the biggest stack

Gun Shy (7/11/06)

     Shamus momentarily loses his nerve

Houdini Would Have Played Omaha (3/31/07)

     Recounting some thrilling escapes at the PLO tables

How To Survive If Your Parachute Fails to Open (5/22/06)

     Flopping a set of queens ain't always the cat's pajamas

Humble Pie (11/4/06)

     Relearning the fundamentals at the Omaha tables

I Declare; or, Uncle Sam's Rake (4/16/07)

     Considering the subject of whether to declare online poker winnings

In Which It Is Demonstrated Why Pocket Jacks Are Sometimes Called "Hooks" (9/8/08)

     Bubble boy in the first event of the PokerListings Run Good Challenge

Inertia (2/21/08)

     On resisting the (very human) urge simply to call

It's a Fish-Eat-Fish World (9/16/06)

     Shamus recognizes he's a fish sometimes, too

Kings in Peril, A Limit Hold 'em Puzzler (1 of 2) (9/25/07) & (2 of 2) (9/28/07)

     Trying to regain confidence in KK

Knowing How to Win (12/17/07)

     Act like you've been there before, why dontcha?

Kudos (9/10/08)

     Always nice to see friends makin' decent scores

Ladies Night: PokerListings Grand Finale (9/27/08)

     The Run Good Challenge Main Event, in which the fellas don't do so hot

Levels of Difficulty (8/26/08)

     Dropping down in stakes ain't always such a bad thing to do now & then

Life in the Land of the Blue Chips (6/22/06)

     Expect the unexpected when the chips are only worth a dollar.

Life in the Loony Bin (PLO High) (11/15/07)

     Hangin' out with Larry, Curly, Moe, Captain Underpants, Bozo, Goofy . . .

Life in the Loony Bin (PLO High), Part II (11/29/07)

     A wild hand, made even wilder knowing what I had folded

Life's a Bluff (8/20/08)

     Low-limit bluffing can be a harrowing adventure

Live Poker:  Oaks Card Club, Emeryville, CA (3/19/08)

     A brief excursion to an historic card room

Live Poker:  Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, NV (5/27/08)

     A few hands of LHE at the Palms a few days before the WSOP

LOL Shrinkaments (Run Good Challenge2 Underway) (11/24/08)

     Another freeroll; in this one, we give all our chips to the Poker Shrink

Low Limit Lounging (5/26/08)

     Low limit hold'em at the MGM Grand

Looking Back & Looking Forward (1/1/08)

     Reflections and resolutions

Luck Be a Lady (2/6/07)

     Does sexual identity matter when playing online poker?

Lucky Man (9/15/08)

     A second-place -- and a nice payday -- in the PokerListings Run Good Challenge

May I Ask Why You Are Calling? (8/20/06)

     Regarding those opponents who just won't go away
Minding My M's and Q's (12/16/06)

     Shamus solicits advice regarding a post-bubble tourney decision

More from the Tourney Journey (8/17/06)

     Shamus tries more sit-n-go's, wonders about his play in one where he bubbled

New Year, New Game (?) (1/10/08)

     Growing a bit weary of PLO, Shamus decides to give H.O.R.S.E. a go

Next Stop, Vegas (4/18/07)

     A semi-rare excursion into brick-and-mortar land is on the horizon

"Nice Catch, Donk" (1/31/08)

     There's some serious competition out there for being the biggest Equus asinus

Nice Pot (1/13/07)

     From short-stacked to chips galore -- in one hand

No Friends in Poker? (8/5/07)

     Somebody wants Shamus's heart.  No, really!  He said so!

Not So Full Tilt (8/6/06)

     We keep hearing about FTP's "trailblazing growth," but where are all the players?

Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear (10/16/08)

     In which I share a flash-animation of my first-ever hand of online poker

Obligatory Follow-Up to Brag Post (8/14/06)

     As Tom Schneider might say, this hand kicked me right in the feelings . . .

Odds and Ends (9/25/08)

     Containing various and sundry (as they say), including a PLO odds puzzle
Online Poker Is Rigged, ver. 2.0 (6/22/07)

     Shamus witnesses a player taking the argument to the next level

Past, Present, and Future (3/21/08)

     Meeting Tim Peters in S.F., and my plans for the 2008 WSOP

Playback (10/15/06)

     When analyzing a hand, do you allow results to prejudice your interpretation?

PLO Puzzle (1) (3/26/08) & (2) (3/27/08)

     Shamus flops a monster draw

Putting Yourself Out There (11/16/06)

     Always easier to broadcast wins than losses

Quantity vs. Quality (9/1/08)

     Busy days ahead may affect the blogger's output

Rabbit Season! Duck Season! (10/22/06)

     Absolute Poker gives players the option of turning on the "rabbit cam"

Response Time (3/24/08)

     You've been there.  Just about to quit, then, a monster pot develops . . .

Running Good: Ace-Trey = 1st in Event 3 (9/22/08)

     Taking down the third event of the PokerListings Run Good Challenge

Seven Dwarfs and Seventy-One Big Bets (5/14/08)

     Buncha little dudes playing a big ol' hand of Stud/8

Shadow of a Doubt (11/18/06)

     Continuing to weigh alternatives after satellite success

Shamus in Vegas: Episode 1 -- Overture (4/22/07); Episode 2 -- The Return (4/23/07); Episode 3 -- Hands Across the Water (4/25/07); Episode 4 -- Shamus, Get Your Ass in Here! (4/26/07); Episode 5 -- "It's Only Money" (4/27/07); Episode 6 -- The Place That Made Poker Famous (4/28/07); Episode 7 -- Pass the Tequila (4/29/07); Episode 8 -- They Even Have Books About Crazy Pineapple (4/30/07); Episode 9 -- What Happens in Vegas Gets Spread All Over the Internet (5/1/07); Episode 10 -- Stargazing (5/2/07)

     Chronicling the Vegas trip (April 18-22, 2007)

Sir, Your Table Is Ready . . . (9/18/06)

     A tale of two tables

Something from Nothing (11/27/06)

     What poker is all about, one might argue

Something from Nothing, the Return (5/20/07)

     Risk-reward management -- from the reasonable to the absurd

Sometimes the Cards Play Us (8/13/08)

     Or at least it seems that way, anyhow

Staying Live (5/24/06)

     The difficulty of keeping one's head in the game during a multi-table tourney

Sticks & Stones (7/22/08)

     On the relative significance of chatbox crudities

Taking a Seat at UB (9/1/07)

     Adding Ultimate Bet to the roster of sites

Testing, Testing . . . (9/9/06)

     Shamus tests out a new way to play those "unprotectable" hands

The Big Slick Assumption (5/29/06)

     Just because I raised preflop doesn't always mean I have ace-king

The Highs & Lows of Split-Pot Games (11/1/07)

     PLO8 sometimes make brain hurt

The Hopeless River Check-Raise; or, What the Deuce? (5/22/08)

     Some strange behavior from the short-stacks at the PLO tables

The Kind of Problem You Want to Have (11/26/07)

     Yr basic ho-hum "How Do I Play Quads This Time?" type of puzzle

The Long Goodbye (6/1/06)

     It's hard -- but sometimes necessary -- to leave a table when yr stuck

The Most Popular Table in Online Poker (8/7/08)

     Why are 241 people waiting to play pokernubz?

The Object Lesson (10/8/08)

     Check out how badly I messed this one up

The Power of the Draw (8/3/06)

     A nifty (and rare) instance of a successful low limit river bluff

The Question Mark (10/30/08)

     A tale of ambiguity

The Thin Green Line (9/28/06)
     The difference between luck and skill not always readily apparent

The Uncertain Future (10/3/06)

     Waiting for the shoe to drop . . . .

The Worst Hand Ever (11/20/08)

     Shamus gets tilty, then lucky

This is Your Brain on Poker (5/15/07)

     Shamus is looking for advice regarding a late MTT decision

Three is a Magic Number (8/24/06) 

     After a wild sit-n-go Shamus is starting to see treys in his sleep

Three's a Crowd (9/19/07) 

     A player not in the hand offers some advice to the two who remain

Trick or Treat (11/3/08) 

     Still not sure if PokerStars' VIP program is really worth it

Turning Into Travis Bickle (1/14/08) 

     Trying to deal with minimum bettors in a socially-acceptable way

Twenty Wild Hands (10/26/06) 

     Proving that limit can raise the heart rate, too

Vegas Bound (3/11/07) 

     In April 2007, the Hard-Boiled Poker World Tour rolls into Vegas

Vegas Heating Up (5/28/08) 

     The temps are rising in Vegas, just a couple of days from the start of the WSOP

Wanting to Walk Away (8/15/08)

     Difficulties withdrawing from online poker sites abound

What's the Rumpus? (4/28/06)

     Introducing your average jingle-brained sap




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