169 Ways to Showdown (7/7/06)

     How useful are these starting hand charts?

A Godot Hand, or What Are You Waiting For? (3/5/07)

     Hitting the flop can sometimes make your

     life more absurd

Another PLO Set-Up (12/30/07)

     Them flops can be awfully pretty-lookin'


Assuming the Worst (6/26/06)

     Underestimating opponents a sure way to ask

     for trouble

Avoiding Becoming "Ring Sour" & Some Friday Funnies (3/7/08)

     Applying a term from dressage to poker

Before and After Science (8/25/07)

     Comparing earlier & recent runs of LHE

Brunson Burner (12/7/06)

     Calling with trash from the blinds

Chances Are (11/20/07)

     Is Mike Caro right?  Is it true that "in the beginning, everything is even money?"

Check Your Filters Regularly (12/9/06)

     Using Poker Tracker's "filters" option

Dead Reckoning (6/4/06)

     On the importance of keeping careful records

Figuring Out if You're Out of Your League (6/30/06)

     Moving up a limit usually involves more than just multiplying by two

Fingering Those Four-Flushers (7/29/06) & (Redux) (7/31/06)

     Heads-up on the river . . . did the weasel make his flush or is he just fakin'?

Fish Story (7/29/07)

    Out on the lake, thinking about poker . . . .

Folding AA: A 12-Step Program (5/6/06)

    Sometimes it takes an intervention to teach folks to fold those pocket rockets

Getting Down to the Nuts & Bolts (11/19/08)

    On the origin of the phrase "the nuts" & non-poker people's feelings about poker

Getting Off to a Good Start (1/1/07)

    Does it matter whether or not you win that first hand of the session?

Hammer Time (6/9/06)

    No, not seven-deuce . . . rather Harrington's "hammer" (and his advice for how to

    bring it down on the heads of table bullies)

Hand of the Day (10/20/08)

    Sharing a ritual wherein I narrate my pokery activities to Vera Valmore
High Hopes (5/4/06)

    Shamus's old poker buddy, Stoner Tony, tries to explain pot odds without laughing

Hold 'em Plays Like a Circle, Stud Like a Straight Line (2/15/07)

    Sorting out an old idea regarding "flop games" and "stud games"

How Committed Are You? (11/13/07)

    How much do we really want to get better at this game?

Is Patience a Virtue? (7/4/06)

    Before playing the first hand, does waiting for the big blind to come around make

    much difference?

"Is This Standard?" (1) (5/4/07), (2) (5/6/07), (3) (5/7/07)

    Considering the idea of "standard" play and/or scenarios

Is This the Real Life? (7/30/08)

    Getting self-reflexive about self-image

Jumping in the (Full) Ring (12/28/06)

    Thinking about some differences between six- and ten-handed games
Know Thy Own Friggin' Self (5/13/06)

    Define your own play, then avoid expecting everyone else to play the way you do

Like An Open Book (5/3/06)

     Shamus's stoner buddy Tony tries to explain pot odds without laughing

Listening (9/12/08)

     On paying attention at the table, to others and to yourself

Living to Work or Working to Live (10/23/08)

     In which manner do you view your current employment?  Or poker?

"Made Hand Mentality" in PLO; or, He Who Hesitates Is Lost (4/25/08)

     On the importance of betting your draws in pot limit Omaha

Master of the Obvious (4/10/07)

    Trusting the evidence before you in pot limit Omaha

Milestones (11/2/06)

    100 posts and counting . . .

Number Crunching (1) (11/29/06), (2) (12/1/06), (3) (12/3/06) & (4) (12/5/06)

    Figgerin' out what them figgers mean (standard deviation, win rate, etc.)

Numbers & Psychology (3/27/08)

    What do those weird-looking bet sizes do to us?

On Judging Others (7/29/08)

    On relative skill levels in poker; or, it takes one to know one

On the Poker Haters (3/4/08)

    Rehearsing some of the reasons why folks seem to object to poker

"People Call With Anything" (3/13/08)

    Dealing with them PLO crazies

Playing Poker & Writing About Poker (7/21/08)

    Despite appearances, the two activities are more similar than different

Plotting a PLO Strategy (7/23/07)

    Some reminders for pot limit Omaha

Poker and Nothingness (9/20/06)

    What the hell are "existentialist musings" anyway?

Poker at the (Dinner) Table (5/9/08)

    Please pass the . . . did you say something about poker?

Poker by ABC (7/21/06)

    A formula for successful limit hold 'em -- Ability, Bad players, and Cards

Poker Is Where It's At (1/7/08)

    Okay, so "poker is like life."  How, exactly?

Poker "Reality" (2/6/08)

    On one of the few words that means nothing without quotes

Poker Spells Different Things to Different People (9/24/06)

    Shamus analyzes a botched hand to try to discover what poker means to him

Poker's Endless Lession; or, In Todd We Trust (4/8/08)

    As a tip from Todd Brunson shows, there's a lot that ain't exactly intuitive in poker

Poker's Sisyphean Challenge (12/14/06)

    Considering poker's ups and downs . . . and ups . . . and downs . . .

"Raise That Rake!" (1) (4/21/08) & (2) (4/22/08)

    Whether to keep pushing in a Stud/8 hand & a little "poker is rigged" paranoia

Rules of Engagement (1/27/07)

    Time to get a handle on this problem of knowing when to leave a table

Rules of Engagement Redux (2/27/07)

    Or, confessions of a backslider

Shaddup and Play Already (6/23/06)

    There's a time for yappin' and a time for playin' poker

Shake Some Action (8/29/08)

    Gettin' outta the funk by raising with trash

The Double Life of the Poker Player (10/17/07)

    Keeping yr poker-playing existence under wraps when away from the tables

The Loneliness of the Short Distance Runner (4/4/08)

    More often than not, I'm finding I prefer brief sessions to marathon ones

The Name Game (4/29/08)

     Of what significance is that username you chose, really?

The Psychology of Record-Keeping (10/6/07)

    What do all them numbers mean, really?

Three Reasons Why Limit Poker Is More Exciting Than Watching Paint Dry (7/6/06)

    While painting his house, Shamus decides to conduct an experiment

To Make Haste Slowly (On Limit Hold 'em Tourneys) (1/17/08)

    Why do LHE tourneys seem like an oxymoron?

"What . . . Would You Say . . . You Do Here?" (12/16/07)

    AIPS II Main Event flame out, and the existential dread of self-assessment

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? (9/9/08)

    How would you fare if you were able to play against a former version of yourself?

Withdrawing Online Funds -- WWJD? (3/6/08)

    Withdraw from Full Tilt Poker and you find yrself staring into Jesus' sunglasses

You Have Options at Gamefisher Table! (6/28/06)

    The pros and cons of multitabling




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