The Rumble

2 + 2 + Rounders = ? (1/3/08)

     Rounders, the Poker Show joins up with

     Two Plus Two

2007 WSOP: Day 7, Part One -- On the Legislative Front (6/7/07)

     Various efforts to temper the UIGEA

2007 WSOP: Day 7, Part Two -- On WSOP Coverage (6/7/07)

     CardPlayer stops stealing from Tony G

2007 WSOP: Day 7, Part Three -- On CardPlayer's Mysteriously Changing Headlines (6/7/07)

     Revising the past in light of the present? 

2007 WSOP: Day 9 -- Bill Collector (6/9/07)

     House bills responding to the UIGEA are starting to pile up

2007 WSOP: Day 14 -- The Partial Information Game (6/14/07)

     On the subject of WSOP media coverage

2007 WSOP: Days 18-19 -- Fast Final Tables (6/18/07) & Further Facts (6/19/07)

     Investigating claims that WSOP final tables are moving too fast

2007 WSOP: Day 20 -- Reading Recommendations (6/20/07)

     Some others' takes on what's happening, WSOP-wise

2007 WSOP: Day 23 -- Check Out These Numbers, Bro (6/23/07)

     Predicting Main Event entrants, an epic heads-up battle, and Eugene Todd

2007 WSOP: Day 26 -- Slim Understanding (6/26/07)

     Do a little research, reporters, before conducting yr interviews

2007 WSOP: Day 34 -- F-Bombing the Main Event (7/4/07)

     Will the new rule increase or decrease civility at the tables?

2008 WSOP Moves to TV Land (7/30/08)

     Reliving the World Series according to ESPN's interpretation of what happened

2008 WSOP Schedule Announced (12/12/07)

     The Rio to witness another frenzied June and July

270 Days Later: The UIGEA Today (7/9/07)

     So we've reached the end of the "270-day period."  Now what?

A Change in the Cards? (4/14/07)

     Responding to D'Amato's webcast "chat"

A Close Shave (8/11/07)

     Beyond the Table co-hosts discuss professional poker players and amateur barbers

"A Deck of Cards is a Book of Adventure" (10/13/07)

     A late 19th-century French novelist gets it right regarding why we play

A Game of Incomplete Information (1/25/06)

     Lots of blind spots for American online players these days

Above and Beyond (4/9/07)

     Catch Beyond the Table every week right here at Hard-Boiled Poker!

Absolute Apathy (1/4/08)

     Owners of a major online site cheat on it, and no one seems to care

Absolute Crap (10/19/07)

     The applesauce has hit the fan over at Absolute Poker

Absolute Poker "Security Summits" (In Search Of) (2/13/08)

     Announced back in January, we ain't heard diddly about these yet

A Hearing Impaired (6/10/07)

     Recounting Friday's House hearing on Frank's IGREA bill

An Event Like No Other (5/29/08)

     There really is nothing like the World Series of Poker

An Existential Pause (8/1/06)

     After three months of blogging, Shamus takes a moment to consider what the hell

     he thinks he's doing

Antes & Options (2/26/08)

     Looking at the choices among available H.O.R.S.E. games

Anti-UIGEA Bills & the Presidential Veto (4/17/08)

     Could any of these bills ever make it through the Oval Office?

Anyone Else Feeling Stuck? (1/20/07)

     Alternatives starting to dwindle forAmerican online poker players

Apocalypse Now? (10/2/06)

     Congress puts in a big bet on the river, and some sites decide it's time to fold

A Provocative Pair (11/26/08)

     Two stories:  the launch of Cereus & the 60 Minutes report on AP/UB finally to air

A Reason to Root for the Machines? (7/25/07)

     Considering the significance of AI researchers possibly "solving" two-player LHE

A Sticky Issue (8/14/08)

     Why on earth might Mason Malmuth want to make the 2+2 Forums less


Awareness (in One Act) (5/13/08)

     A farcical treatment of the subject of concentrating at the table

Beating the Game (7/21/07)

     Checkers "fully solved."  Is poker next?

Bill Collector: Senator Introduces Internet Skill Game Licensing and Control Act of 2008 (S. 3616) (10/6/08)

     New Senate bill collects ideas from several different House bills

Bill to Block Finalization of UIGEA Regs Proposed (4/12/08)

     Reps introduce H.R. 5767 in effort to stop the UIGEA  from being implemented

Birthday Break (6/11/07)

     A quick post before grabbing a little R & R

Brief Observations Designed to Accommodate Our Fast-Paced Lifestyles (3/28/08)

     A few random thoughts, as there's no time to organize 'em

CardPlayer Sez Go On & Play at Absolute Poker (2/5/08)

     Soullessly marching on as if nothing ever happened

Catching Up (Various & Sundries) (11/18/08)

     Updating my Bloglines, legal stuff, and the return of the Run Good Challenge
Cheating "Scheme" Confirmed at UltimateBet (3/8/08)

     . . . and UB thinks it fine just to send the message to 2+2

Cleaning Out (10/24/07)

     In the wake of the Absolute Poker scam-slash-scandal, Shamus cashes out

Coming Attractions (8/26/07)

     Promises, promises . . .

Commentary on the Commentary:  The Cincinnati Kid (1/5/07)

     A few words about the commentary tracks appended to the 2005 DVD release

Common Knowledge & Common Sense (2/11/07)

    A "pissing match" over journalistic integrity?  Only in poker.

Community Watch (2/18/07)

    A brief reflection on the various "communities" poker bloggers inhabit

Considering the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, Preface (10/8/06),

Part I: "A Game Subject to Chance" (10/10/06), Part II: Eliminating the Middle Man (10/12/06), Part III: Prophets and Profits (10/13/06)

     What ultimately will it all mean?

David "Chip" Reese (1951-2007) (12/4/07)

     The poker world loses one of the greats of the game

Day of the Underdog (2/4/08)

     Almost everybody enjoyed Super Bowl XLII, I imagine

Deals in the Dead of Night (9/30/06)

     Late night sessions . . . Shamus plays until the wee hours & the Senate passes the

     Internet Gambling Prohibition Act

Declarations of Independence (7/1/06)

     How (some) independent filmmakers are like poker players and vice-versa

Do We Want Online Poker Regulated? (1) (1/24/08) & (2) (1/25/08)

     Should we be careful what we wish for here?

Doing the "What If?" Shuffle (7/23/06) & (the sequel) (7/25/06)

     Shamus looks to answer a question about Random Number Generators

Don't Mess With Taxes (4/15/08)

     Some estimate fewer than 5% of online poker players report winnings

Endgame: UIGEA Regs Finalized (11/12/08)

     Last chance for the Bush administration to screw us

Endgame: UIGEA Regs Finalized (Postscript) (11/13/08)

     Those regulations might not be all that bad, but still worrisome

Et Tu, Rizen? (6/6/08)

     Have we lost another good guy to the dark side?

Ethics (Again) (12/11/07)

     More from the Vaughn-Mizzi-Bluff saga

Everybody's Talkin' (7/18/06)
     A brief reflection on poker forums

Fact Finding (1/22/07)
     The U.S. Department of Justice goes on the offensive

First Step for H.R. 6870, the Payments System Protection Act of 2008 (9/19/08)
     Barney Frank tries again with another anti-UIGEA bill

Flown the WCOOP (9/23/08)
     Eighteen wild days of live bloggin' finally come to an end

Former UltimateBet Owners Face $75 Million Claim (9/18/08)
     The (so-called) new bosses suin' the old bosses, it appears

Forward-Looking Statements (3/21/07)
     Bluff to cover WSOP; Bluff and Harrah's cover their asses

Found a Hand Worth Playing (10/24/06)

     Shamus decides to join the Poker Players Alliance

Freedom of Choice (8/16/07)

     Considering the 2007 Bluff Magazine Reader's Choice Awards

Freedom of Choice (Online Options for U.S. Players) (10/27/07)

     A year-plus after the UIGEA, still lots of sites considering themselves "U.S.-facing"

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (10/5/06)

     An unlucky day for online poker players

Full Tilt Poker Apparently Plans to Violate One of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission's "Regulations Concerning Interactive Gaming" (3/17/08)

     New CardRunners deal seems to overlook the KGC's Rule No. 180

Funny Business (8/14/06)

     Collecting some poker-related humor from across the 'Net

Get the Hell Off of Absolute Poker and UltimateBet Already (5/31/08)

     Don't know how to say it more plainly

Get Out Your iPods and iPod-like Devices (9/21/07)

     Some of my favorite poker people get together to chat it up

Get Ready to Rumble (11/17/07)

     WSOP going online, Annie Duke on Capitol Hill, and Sklansky on Absolute Poker

Given the Choice; or, Betting Unfair at Betfair (2/7/08)

     An online site's snafu allows for yet another demonstration of unethical behavior

Going the Extra Mile (4/9/08)

     A look at a few examples of "Pulitzer"-type reporting in the poker world

Going to California (3/18/08)

     Quick preview of the week's news before I take off for the left coast

Good Guys Lose Two More (2/21/07)

     Doyle's Room and Tony G Poker the latest to pull out of U.S. market

Hamilton, UltimateBet, & the WSOP (10/1/08)

     The KGC singles out former WSOP champ Russ Hamilton in UB cheating scam

Harboring Hope for House Hearing (4/2/08)

     Latest hearing to discuss UIGEA seems more promising that earlier ones

Here's to the Great Beyond (4/11/08)

     The poker podcast Beyond the Table decides to ride off into the sunset

"Hey Cincinnati":  Catching Up with Card Club on Lord Admiral Radio (3/7/07)

     An interview with co-host "Cincinnati" Sean

Hit Parade (12/31/07)

     Counting down the most frequently hit posts of 2007

Hold 'em Radio Cashes Out? (1/16/08)

     HER slips quietly between the internet's cracks . . . will it return?

Horseplay (5/30/07)

     A lesson about peer pressure, conveyed via talking, drinking, and smoking horses

Iggy Drops the Other Shoe (11/14/06)

     The Blogfather announces he plans to put Guinness and Poker on hold

In the Fishbowl (3/10/08)

     If yr a famous poker player, chances are somebody's watching ya

Interlude (6/28/07)

     Using Amy Winehouse's Back to Black as a poker soundtrack

Is PLO the "Game of the Future"? (5/6/08)

     Pot limit Omaha appears to be gaining in popularity

It's Time to Fold:  Frank & Co. Tell Feds to Cease "Sisyphean Task" of Finalizing UIGEA Regulations (4/23/08)

     Four House Reps offer the feds a helpful suggestion for lessening their workload

Kentucky Fried Court Case (10/7/08)

     A Circuit Court Judge in Frankfort hears that domain-seizure case

Kentucky Gov. Wants to Block Online Gambling Sites: Does He Have a Hand? (9/24/08)

     Gov. Beshear makes power play to seize (or block) 141 online gambling sites

Kentucky Takes It Down (10/16/08)

     The Franklin Circuit Court sez Kentucky is now king of the internets

Lament (4/17/07)

     A sorrow-filled day for us all

Landed; or, the Calm Before the Storm (5/26/08)

     In Vegas, just days before the start of the WSOP

Laying Low (2/2/07)

     Bodog is taking the "short-stacked" approach, for now . . .

Little Did He Realize (3/5/08)

     Jonathan Little gets booted from the Team Full Tilt Poker

Looking Up (10/6/06)

     Online poker does not go gently into that good night

Making Plans (4/12/07)

     Listening to D'Amato address the PPA while readying for Vegas

Mixing it Up (12/23/06)

     On poker's unique ability to bring pros & amateurs together

Moonlighting (9/11/08)

     Work, work, work, work, work...
Multiple "Super-Users" Cheated on UltimateBet (5/16/08)

     And still we wait for word on the findings of UB's "management team"

New "Clarification" Bill Provides Little Clarity for UIGEA (8/4/08)

     Despite its name, Rep. Pete Sessions' new H.R. 6663 hardly clarifies

Newman's Cool Hand (10/3/08)

     Paul Newman starred in one of the great poker scenes of all time

News You Can Use (2/13/07)

     Poker, journalism, and ethics . . . not yr average ménage à trois

Night of the Living Bots (5/13/07)

     Poker bots playing NL hold 'em? 

No, I Haven't Just Written 54 Posts (2/10/07)

     Just doing a little UIGEA-inspired housecleaning

No Third Party Rule for WSOP Not All Bad (5/10/07)

     Considering Harrah's decision to decline third-party registrations

Online Poker's Outlaw Status (1) (11/8/06) & (2) (11/10/06)

     Shamus's friend, Vera Valmore, explains to him why so many oppose online poker

On Sklansky, Malmuth, and Allegations of Plagiarism (12/26/07)

     A flare-up on Two Plus Two regarding some strangely similar wording & advice

On Patches and Pitch; or, The Disgrace That Is UltimateBet (7/16/08)

     Sign with UltimateBet and watch yr reputation instantly plummet

On Poker Mags (2/20/08)

     Are magazines like CardPlayer "journalism" or not?

On Poker Mags (Redux) (9/29/08)

     On a misleading editorial disclaimer in CardPlayer

On the Horizon: The Future of UltimateBet? (7/23/08)

     PokerNews cuts UB loose; meanwhile, General Hellmuth is oblivious

On the PokerRoad Again (1/11/07)

     Poker podcasts not a bad way to pass the time during long commutes

On the Senators' Letter Regarding UIGEA Regs (2/27/08)

     Two senators voice concerns about the finalizing of UIGEA regulations

On the So-Called "Poker Mentality" (5/28/08)

     Is money everything? (on Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy's signing with UltimateBet)

On This Date in History (11/22/08)

     Thinking about Stu Ungar (died 11/22/98) and John F. Kennedy (died 11/22/63)

One (Ex-)Member Inspires PPA To Alter Its Mission Statement (3/20/08)

     After nearly a million have joined, too!

Overblocking and the UIGEA (11/24/07)

     The feds try to run a complicated bluff, and it might work

Perspectives on Poker (8/8/08)

     Gathering some opinions about poker's (modest) place in the world

Pins and Needles (5/31/07)

     On the eve of the 2007 World Series of Poker

Playing Catch-Up (9/23/07)

     Some poker news items from the past couple of weeks

Playing Favorites (2/29/08)

     On the perks of being a famous poker player

Playing Without a Net(eller) (1/18/07)

     Neteller says bye-bye to Americans; will Americans say bye-bye as well?

Poker & Pop Culture:  Rolling Stone (1967-2007) (1) (8/11/08) & (2) (8/12/08)

     A search of the music magazine's archives for poker references

Poker in the Mainstream: 60 Minutes Segment Set for Nov. 9 (10/31/08)

     Report on AP/UB cheating scandals due to coincide with WSOP ME final table

Poker on the Radio (9/17/07)

     Poker makes a cameo on mainstream media . . . and they don't screw it up!

Poker Podcast Line-Up (Part I, 6-10) (6/6/06) & (Part II, 1-5) (6/6/06)

     A rating of poker podcasts, ca. summer 2006

Poker Podcast "News and Notes" (10/26/07)

     An avalanche of new shows to download onto yr iPod or iPod-like device

Poker Podcast World (1/15/06)

     Podcast from down under worth a listen

Poker Podcasts: What's Cookin' (10/9/08)

     Updating the poker podcast scene

Poker Review:  A Big Hand for the Little Lady (1/21/08)

     A clever comedy with poker at its center

Poker Review: California Split (12/12/06)

     Shamus reviews Robert Altman's 1974 film, a meditation on the gambling lifestyle

Poker Review: Casino Royale (11/25/06)

     Shamus checks out the new Bond

Poker Review: No Limit: A Search for the American Dream on the Poker Tournament Trail (12/7/07)

     A nifty chronicle of an important period in poker history

Poker Review: The Cincinnati Kid (1/9/07)

     Some reasons why it really is the best of all of the poker movies

Poker Still "a Game Subject to Chance" (Even for Cheaters) (10/30/07)

     What does Potripper's cheating on Absolute say about the skill-vs.-luck debate?

PokerWire Folds (9/5/07)

     On PokerWire's announcement that it can no longer compete

PPA Can Do Better (3/21/08)

     A response to some of the interaction happening on the PPA Forums

Presidential Poker (2/1/08)

     The 2008 campaign is ramping up . . . not that it matters much to poker players

Raising a Glass to the Return of Prohibition (7/16/06)

     A consideration of the so-called "Internet Gambling Prohibition Act"

Reading Iggy Is Fundamental (11/21/06)

     Noting the triumphant return of Ignatius J., and why we must read to write

Ready Or Not (5/24/08)

     Taking off to cover my first World Series of Poker

Reality TV (8/5/08)

     Watching the WSOP -- and me! -- on ESPN

Regarding the WSOP Ladies Event (1) (8/20/07) & (2) (8/22/07)

     Shamus asks Vera Valmore to weigh in on the subject

Remembering Reese (12/6/07)

     Recounting a memorable poker podcast appearance by the poker legend

Repetition ≠ Truth (6/30/08)

     On Annie Duke's PokerNews interview regarding cheating on UltimateBet

Reporting on Absolute Poker; or, If a Tree Falls (2/22/08)

     Plenty of folks writing about the scandal, but does anyone care?

Reporting on the 1979 WSOP (7/24/08)

     Looking back at an old issue of Gambling Times

Report on UltimateBet Cheating "Scheme" Due Soon (5/6/08)

     Few are paying attention, but UB apparently planning to come clean

Rewards (Other's & One's Own) (3/13/08)

     Sometimes it is fun to see others succeed

Running on Empty (9/26/08)

     No gas in the tank, stations all sold out, and they wanna stop online poker in

Shamus the Scribbler (12/23/07)

     Some other venues where SSS is turning up

Showtime! ESPN Coverage of 2008 WSOP Main Event Begins Tonight (9/2/08)

     Thus begins the multiweek build-up to the final table

Six Hundy (9/30/08)

     Six hundredth friggin' post for cryin' out loud

Something Is Missing Here (1/14/08)

     Just one read-through of the Absolute Poker audit reveals an obvious omission

Something Is Up With ePassporte (4/12/08)

     Looks like the third-party vendor is no longer an option for U.S. online poker


Sorry Advertisers (11/5/08)

     Google is giving Hard-Boiled Poker a hard time

Speaking of Poker:  What You Can and Cannot Say (4/7/07)

     Reflecting on some of the restrictions faced by announcers on some poker shows

Staying Tuned (11/25/08)

     Recommending some recent podcast episodes

Still Waiting (for the WSOP Main Event final table) (10/21/08)

     Four months is a friggin' long time

Sunshine & Lollipops (4/3/08)

     There may be a good reason for why poker media tries to focus on happy stuff

Surveying the Poker Podcast Landscape (1) (3/27/07) & (2) (3/29/07)

     A rundown of those shows I try to catch on a regular basis

Tagging Along (5/11/07)

     Seven things about me that people don't know

Taking Notice (UIGEA Regs Arrive) (10/1/07)

     The feds finally issue regulations for implementing UIGEA

Talkin' Podcasts (2/12/08)

     Catching up on the latest comings & goings

Television & Poker; or, the Search for a Happy Medium (5/12/08)

     A bit of theorizing about the relative significance of the "medium" & the "content"

Thanks, Everybody (11/27/08)

     A Thanksgiving message (includes picture of South Park Shamus)

Thanks, Lord Admiral Radio (9/15/06)

     One of the first -- and best -- poker podcasts signs off

The Caveman, Cub, and Donkey are Back (2/23/07)

     Former hosts of The Circuit return with a new show

The Chicken or the Egg? (8/27/08)

     Are we crazy to play poker, or does poker make us crazy?

The Circuit Shorted (10/31/06)

     Hosts of CardPlayer's The Circuit decide its time to get up from the table

The Circuit 2.0 (12/27/06)

     CardPlayer's The Circuit returns to less-than-stellar reviews

The Failed Ambassador (1/28/08)

     Comparing Chris Moneymaker & the late Bobby Fischer

The Fleecing of America, Brought to You By Party Poker (4/3/07)

     Party Poker steals Shamus's last 46 cents, proves its full of applesauce

The Frank Approach (2/25/07)

     It might be time to stop arguing the UIGEA is "Prohibition II"

The Geometry of Poker (11/7/08)

     Ylon Schwartz refers to geometry when comparing poker to chess

The Gonzalez Getaway (8/28/07)

     The Attorney General is on the way out.  Should online poker players care?

The Good, the Bad, and the UIGEA (3/14/08)

     UIGEA in the news again, and despite others' joy, I ain't so sure the news is good

The Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show, Episode 1:  Dead Man's Deal (4/1/08)

     My new podcast!  And this ain't no April Fool's!

The Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show, Episode 2:  The Killer Cards (4/23/08)

     Turns out it wasn't just a one shot deal

The Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show, Episode 3:  Duffy's Tavern (5/15/08)

     This third show is focused on comedy . . . lotsa grins here

The Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show, Episode 4:  Hitchhike Poker (6/1/08)

     A thriller in which Gregory Peck plays license plate poker

The Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show, Episode 5:  The Queen of Spades (6/25/08)

     Based on an Alexander Pushkin short story

The Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show, Episode 6:  The Ambassador of Poker (7/31/08)

     A Bertolt Brecht short story, an episode of Escape, & audio from the '08 WSOP

The Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show, Episode 7:  Fibber McGee & Molly (8/21/08)

     The history of poker books, Yardley's Education of a Poker Player, and radio comedy

The Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show, Episode 8:  Aces and Eights (9/3/08)

     Dramatizing the story of Wild Bill Hickok

The Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show, Episode 9:  The Case of the Poker Murders (10/24/08)

     Two more old-time radio dramas featuring poker

The Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show, Episode 10:  Come, Fill My Cup (11/30/08)

     Poker -- and murder -- on a train

The Idea of the IGREA (5/22/07)

     Assessing H.R. 2046, or the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act

The Not-So-Super System (10/10/08)

     Poker players look up from their cards to notice the economy is in the crapper

The November Nine and the WSOPE (7/17/08)

     Will the final nine bother to go to London or not?

The Poker Cause:  Phelps Helps (8/25/08)

     Nothing but good can come from the multiple gold medalist's poker ambitions

The Poker Vote? (11/6/06)

     Will the UIGEA affect the 2006 elections -- and vice-versa?

The Rambling Gambling Man (4/2/07)

     Responding to Alphonse D'Amato's interview over on Pocket Fives

The Republicans' Slowroll (8/28/08)

     The G.O.P. removes anti-online gambling language from platform, then replaces it

The Sunday Million Show (Now With Hole Cards) (11/8/07)

     New policy at PokerStars means no secrets for final tablists

The Terrible Twos for the UIGEA (10/13/08)

     We've reached the second anniversary of the day Bush signed the UIGEA into law

The Top 10 Online Poker Stories of 2007 (1) (12/20/07) & (2) (12/21/07)

     A subjective recap of the year in online poker

The UIGEA Lives; H.R. 5767 Dies in Committee (6/26/08)

     A nice dream, but most of us knew this one wasn't going anywhere

The Wrong Focus (Another Cheating Pro) (2/15/08)

     Yet another pro acting as though the rules don't pertain to him

Thoughts on the "Thinking Stage"? (3/15/07)

     The beginning of the long road to repeal (or amend) the UIGEA

Thoughts on Various Subjects (1/31/07)

     What's an online poker player supposed to do, anyway?

Three Headaches (7/12/07)

     UIGEA regs a-comin'; Sportswriter hates poker; Iggy hacked?

Tick, Tick, Tick:  60 Minutes Looking at Absolute Poker (3/11/08)

     . . . and the poker community isn't sure if it is a good thing.

Two Hundred Posts Later . . . (5/8/07)

     Looking back . . . and ahead . . .

TYVM (11/22/07)

     You didn't have to do it, but you did, but you did, but you did . . . and I thank you.

UB & AP Think Makeover Gives Them a Do-Over (7/25/08)

     UltimateBet & Absolute Poker think getting "Cereus" will help

UB Kidding Me (11/27/07)

     UltimateBet tells me I cannot withdraw unless I deposit

UB Owns Up (Sort of) (5/30/08)

     An apology in form, though without substance

UIGEA Regs: Burden without Benefiit?  Without a Doubt. (4/2/08)

     Summarizing the House hearing on the new regulations

UltimateBet Cheating Scandal Finally "News" (Sort of) (5/23/08)

     Several months later, people finally starting to talk about it

Unaffiliated (12/20/06)

     Adios, affiliate programs . . . I hardly knew ye . . . .

Uncorrected Personality Traits That Seem Whimsical In a Child May Prove to be Ugly in a Fully Grown Adult (1/15/08)

     Jaw-dropping quotes from fresh-outta-juvie JJProdigy

UnBelievable (1/29/08)

     Still more reasons not to play at UltimateBet

Under the Microscope (2/4/07)

     Shamus responds to a comprehensive study of online gamblers

Update on the Updates (11/11/07)

     Compiling Absolute Poker's less-than-direct communications

U.S. Treasury Dept. to Finalize UIGEA Regs in November? (11/1/08)

     Bush administration looks to screw us over one last time before leaving

Warning Signs (5/19/08)

     Reading various signs for indications of the future of the WSOP

Ween Rocks (2/25/08)

     Celebrating a unique band & the significance of musical tastes

What's Your Online Poker Cash Worth? (2/8/07)

     An interesting theory about what might happen to those online dollars

What is Your Conceptual Continuity? (The Crux of the Biscuit is the Apostrophe) (9/16/08)

     David Foster Wallace, Barney Frank, and punctuation marks

Who Am Us, Anyway? (9/22/06)

     The hosts of Ante Up! explain what poker means to them

Who Wants to Write About Poker? (12/18/06)

     Considering observations about poker blogs by the hosts of Beyond the Table

Why Kreidler Wrote It (and Why We Should Care) (3/9/07)

     What causes a sportswriter suddenly to want to bash poker?

With Whom Are You Affiliated? (10/14/08)

     Wondering (again) about the relative merits of affiliate programs

World Upside Down (11/6/07)

     Absurdities abound in the wake of the Absolute Poker scandal

Would You Like to Leave Absolute Poker? (10/21/07)

     Having a hard time finding reasons to stay

WSOP to Create "Sequel" to Main Event Final Table? (4/7/08)

     Are they really thinking of waiting 90 days to see this thing through?

Xmas in July (7/30/07)

     NETeller finally releases funds back to American members

Yang Had Childs Covered (Despite What ESPN Says) (10/10/07)

     ESPN screws up arguably the most important hand at the 2007 WSOP ME final table

You Should Subscribe to These Blogs (1/15/08)

     Go check out Snoopy, Foucault, and the Poker Grump, why dontcha?




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